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Export numbers and description of each factory 

Red Fish Co., factories and their export numbers
Our processing plants Red Fish Company

1. Rybak CH-350 frozen fish 

Rybak factory by red fish co

2. Ankor Ltd. CH-392 frozen fish 

red fish's ankor factory
ankor factory of Red Fish Co., Ltd.

3. Krab CH-393 frozen fish 

Krab factory in Sakhalin Red fish company
Krab factory by Red Fish co

4. LLC Poronayskiy RPZ

CH-744 frozen fish 

Poronayskiy PRZ by Red Fish Co
RPZ factory by Red Fish Co

5. Seafish factory - frozen fish. 

Red Fish Company LImited
Seafish plant of red fish company
Seafish factory Sakhalin Red Fish

Seafish factory Sakhalin Red Fish

Red Fish Caviar
Red fish co caviar and roe

6. Safronov's Ltd. CH-394, frozen fish 

red fish road
Safronov's factory

7. SDS Langeri, Ltd. CH-395. Frozen fish 

red fish langeri factory
bear and red fish by Red Fish Co., Ltd.
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