Export numbers and description of each factory 

Red Fish Co., factories and their export numbers
Our processing plants Red Fish Company

1. Rybak CH-350 frozen fish 

Rybak factory by red fish co

2. Ankor Ltd. CH-392 frozen fish 

red fish's ankor factory
ankor factory of Red Fish Co., Ltd.

3. Krab CH-393 frozen fish 

Krab factory in Sakhalin Red fish company
Krab factory by Red Fish co

4. LLC Poronayskiy RPZ

CH-744 frozen fish 

Poronayskiy PRZ by Red Fish Co
RPZ factory by Red Fish Co

5. Seafish factory - frozen fish. 

Red Fish Company LImited
Seafish plant of red fish company
Red Fish Caviar
Red fish co caviar and roe

6. Safronov's Ltd. CH-394, frozen fish 

red fish road
Safronov's factory

7. SDS Langeri, Ltd. CH-395. Frozen fish 

red fish langeri factory
bear and red fish by Red Fish Co., Ltd.